Windemere is a town located east from Terris. The town's inhabitants are devoted to worshipping ducks, to the point the people are starving and the local pawnshop doesn't have anything to sell due to the taxes being too high. Windemere is an access point to a few interesting places, such as Joppa Isle and the Secret Duck Isle.

Original DinkEdit

Windemere is initially unaccessable, with the bridge to the town being broken. After the player is finished with Kernsin and The Cast, the bridge is fixed. During his stay in Windemere, Dink will kill the majority of the ducks the town worships, which earns him recognition as the town's saviour, and a large stone that reads Dink is built into the town square. After this Dink ventures to Joppa Isle through a secret passage under one of the town's houses.


Windemere has appeared in several dmods. Most notably, perhaps, The End of Time, where Dink accidentally blows the entire town to smithereens and is executed by King Daniel for it.