Stone of Balance is the first Dmod installment for the trilogy of the same name by SimonK. It is one of the oldest high-ranked and epic length Dmods to date, featuring lots of new graphics and music and, like all Dmods, a new story to follow.

Stone of Balance won the best download of December 2000, and best Dmod of that year.

Dink watches as some Goblin Miners work on getting a Stone of Balance shard from the rock.

It was followed by a sequel, also an epic-length Dmod, called Pilgrim's Quest.

Stone of Balance is one of the few D-Mods to be age rated. While there are obviously no laws nor ways to stop people from downloading Stone of Balance, the loading screen of the D-Mod clearly states that it is rated R, the reason mainly being sexuality. Many D-Mods are known to have sexual references in them, but Stone of Balance, along with it's sequel, Pilgrim's Quest, is the only D-Mod to have sexual graphics (such as the naked woman) and sex on screen. It also has argualby more sexual references than any other D-Mod to date.


Simon's description for his D-Mod states "The Stone of Balance has been broken and only one man can put it back together. Come play an epic DMOD, and see how hard, yet entertaining Dinking can be."

This d-mod is rated 9.2 (out of a possible 9.9).


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