Simon Klaebe (Clay-bee) (Dink Network username 'SimonK') is arguably the most popular and the most talented D-Modder to have ever graced the Dink Network. Simon is most commonly known for his Epic D-Mods such as Stone of Balance and Pilgrim's Quest, and his many development files, including many graphics packs, video tutorials and the like.

Simon is considered to have been a very valuable past member of the community, with Dinkers often reminiscing in the times where he was active, as he very rarely (if ever), visits the Dink Network nowadays.

Simon's project Necromancer was supposed to be the final installment in the popular Stone of Balance Trilogy, although this project was cancelled sometime in 2003.[1] Dinkers still enjoy making funny remarks and such, however, stating that Necromancer is coming tomorrow, and the most anticipated D-Mod, even though everyone is fairly sure it will never be released, let alone finished.