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"I am everything you love. I am everything you despise."

-Seth to Dink Smallwood.

Seth was an Ancient introduced in the original Dink Smallwood game, and proceeded to show up frequently within D-Mods as either the main villain, or as another - usually evil - character. According to Milder Flatstomp , Seth was a member of the Ancients, possessing godly powers and worshipped by the Cast, who acted as a front for Seth's nefarious designs.

Seth caused the deaths of many characters throughout Dink Smallwood, either directly or indirectly, including: a man trapped in The Condemned Mines, Bishop Nelson, some of the Cast members, and Seth personally killed Milder FlatStomp by casting Explosion. Seth is also the cause behind the appearance of a large number of monsters throughout the Kingdom, and has caused damage to it's lands.

Seth's origins are unknown, but he seemed to have a connection to the Darklands, through which he was trying to invade the rest of the world. Seth was destroyed in battle against Dink Smallwood in the firey hellish realm within the Darklands where he dwelled. In many a D-Mod, however, Seth has been reborn.

In the original Dink SmallwoodEdit

Although not originally planned, Seth was the final boss in the original Dink Smallwood. RTSoft have never revealed who or what was originally supposed to be the final boss, but they admit that Seth was placed in the game due to time constraints. Seth casts Explosion and Greater Harm, and moves faster as his HP decreases. He has 300 HP and gives 10000 EXP when defeated. His sprite is Dink's body with a darker, reddish hue. Seth's head is a photo of Seth A. Robinson's face.

"Watch Conan O'brien!"


In D-ModsEdit

Seth has appeared in several D-Mods, however, the only D-Mods that he has appeared in his original form are:

  • Friends Beyond 3: Legend of Tenjin
  • Dinky Dimensions 2: End of Time
  • Historical Hero
  • The Quest for Not Quite as Lame
  • The Bigerical Curse (rumored)

Seth has also made various appearances in D-Mods in other forms, usually as a wizard or monster. In Legend of Tenjin, it is shown how Seth actually can freely change forms before returning to his original form.

In Historical Hero, Seth returns via a powerful magical machine, where his spirit had gathered after his first loss. He plans on destroying Dink, but is once again defeated. Dink manages to turn the machine off, preventing Seth from returning.

In Dinky Dimensions 2: End of Time Seth appears to Dink in a hallucination.

In Friends Beyond 3, Seth, who had been portrayed as a woman called Tenjin, challenges Dink's descendant (also named Dink) to a battle in hopes of revenge on the Smallwood family, however, he is defeated once again.