A pillbug is a blue-gray insect-like monster, generally considered to be the weakest of all creatures in the game. In the original game (and most D-Mods) the Pillbug is usually the first monster Dink encounters, and is usually good help with 'getting you started' providing very little resistance, and giving you a good leveling up strategy.

However, a common trend is that as a D-Mod progresses through, the pillbugs get faster and stronger. This is usually done due to a lack of variation of original monsters, and so the pillbugs simply get 'reused', with their difficulty to kill being increased.


In the original Dink Smallwood, pillbugs only have the defualt blue-gray colour, but modifications can be seen in many D-Mods and D-Mod Development packs. Most Dinkers will unanymously agree that the most popular and accurate re-colours of the pillbug can be found in rabidwold9's Dink Colors development pack. Although some may argue that I, Kara Gu had the best re-colours, with its elemental pillbugs of fire and ice.


A pillbug.