A screenshot of this very game

Pilgrim's Quest is (supposed to be) the second installment in the Stone of Balance Trilogy (even though the trilogy was never completed with SimonK cancelling production of Necromancer). Pilgrim's Quest is the highest ranking D-Mod at the Dink Network with a score of 9.7 (out of 9.9).[1] Pilgrim's Quest was created by SimonK (Simon Klaebe) over the course of 2002 to 2003, with the final version (1.41) being released on the 25th November 2003. The D-Mod file is 33.69mb in size, which is generally considered to be very, very large for a D-Mod. In 2002, it was also voted the best download of October for that year, as well as the best Dmod of 2002.


Simon's description for his D-Mod states "Dink's holidays are interrupted when he comes across the remains of a brutal raiding party. He agrees to help the sole surviving woman complete her journy to the Monastery."