A Bonca. Probably the most common monster in every D-Mod.

A monster in Dink Smallwood is a creature that is (usually) non-friendly, non-player-controlled, and attacks and deals damage to Dink. There are rare occasions in D-Mods when Dink may encounter a friendly monster, and sometimes, in an alternate hero D-Mod, the user may even play as a monster!

The original game doesn't have a wide variety of monsters, but as more D-Mods were released, more and more new monsters were released with them. Most notably, the very popular D-Mod, Pilgrim's Quest, contained several new monsters, which was one of the reasons why it garnered such fame within the Dink community.

List of Monsters in the Original Dink Smallwood GameEdit

  • Slime (Also called Puddle)

List of Monsters in D-ModsEdit

  • Spike (this monster was included the original game's files, but was never used in the gameplay itself.)
  • Fire Pillbug/Bonca/Slayer/StoneGiant/Dragon
  • Soil Pillbug/Bonca/Slayer/StoneGiant/Dragon
  • Air Slimer/Pillbug/Bonca
  • Void Slimer/Pillbug/Slayer/StoneGiant
  • Robofrog
  • Scorpion
  • Blob
  • Red Pillbug
  • Scarab
  • Guardian