Goblin horns

Mog, king of Goblins

Mog, the king of Goblins (by his own account), is a two-headed goblin wielding horned clubs met in the Goblin Sanctuary in the original Dink Smallwood game. Mog has also appeared in a few D-Mods, and his descendant played a major role in the Back From the Grave Demo. Unlike most goblins, Mog speaks fluent English, and his dialogue suggests he was raised by someone else than the sanctuary goblins. Despite having two heads, Mog acts like a single person.

Original Dink SmallwoodEdit

Sometime before Dink reaches the Goblin Sanctuary, the goblins and Mog specifically, have made a deal with The Cast, which included the goblins assaulting and murdering people in KernSin during the town's annual parade. The Cast hoped to use the goblins to avoid being blamed of this deed themselves. What the goblins were to gain remains unclear, though it seems likely they were looking for revenge, as well as regaining some of the power and territory they lost when they were utterly defeated in the Goblin Wars.

Mog is encountered in the Goblin Sanctuary while the player is trying to find evidence of the plan to attack KernSin. After Dink kills all goblins on the screen outside Mog's hut, Mog appears from inside, confronts Dink about the death of his comrades, and a fight ensues.

After the player defeats Mog, the goblin tells Dink the location of a secret Cast hideout, and the screen fades out. Mog is not seen again. Whether he died after revealing the location of the camp is not known.