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Auntie Maria

Maria Kneedlewood is Dink's aunt in the original game, who lives in Terris in an abusive relationship with Jack Kneedlewood. She has appeared in some D-Mods, such as Initiation, usually briefly during the intro.

Original Dink SmallwoodEdit

After Dink's and his mother's house burns down, Maria sends Dink a letter inviting him to live with her in Terris, along with a map of the original game's world.

After moving in, Dink witnesses Maria as the victim of domestic abuse by her husband Jack. The player can kill Jack if he so wishes, which is the only way to conclude this subquest, as otherwise things will just remain in the status quo.

Dink can talk with Maria about various topics, including suggesting he and Maria trade their beds for one big one they could share, and bragging about saving the world after the main quest is completed, although she will dismiss this as a story Dink made up.