Magic is one of the primary statistics in Dink Smallwood. It determines how fast the player's spells recharge. It also affects the player's chance to resist magic. In Original Dink, only Dink himself, a Cast member, dragons and the final boss can cast spells. In certain D-Mods, however, other enemies have also been given the ability to cast spells as well.

The magic stat can be increased by leveling up, or by finding and collecting magic or mega- potions throughout the original game and most D-Mods.


Most of the magic available to Dink Smallwood has been fan-created for D-Mods, but the original three spells remain consistent throughout most D-Mods themselves as a classic favorite. The spells of the original game are listed below and are acquired in the order listed:

Fireball Sends out a ball of fire that can burn trees and damage enemies. Terminates on collision.
Acid Rain Sends out a small spark that, upon hitting something, turns into a temporary fountain of acid that causes small amounts of damage over a few seconds to anything under it. Enemies can move away from the acid and stop receiving damage.
Hellfire A far more devastating version of Fireball, this spell is high damaging and will pass through enemies, causing massive damage and harming any enemies it comes into contact with until it either passes off of the edge of the screen, or hits a solid object (tree, rock, etc.). Hellfire will also burn down trees.