Larry is a minor NPC in the Original Dink Smallwood. He is also the owner of the Robinson Cabinets furniture store that is located in Kernsin.


Larry lives with his daughter in KernSin, where his furniture store, Robinson Cabinets, is also located at. Larry seemingly doesn't have a house anywhere in the area of the Original Game, although one could argue that the locked house in KernSin could belong to him.

Larry lives in an abusive relationship with his daughter, who he has spoiled into the point where she gets everything she wants. His words give the feeling that he does not like being in his daughter's command, but he has not got enough of will to say no to his daughter, making him at least seem a bit of a coward.

In the Original GameEdit

In the Original Game, Larry is an NPC in the town of KernSin, where he is the owner of his Robinson Cabinets furniture store. He has not got any kind of a role in the game, except for The Player's laughs.

When talked to, Larry introduces himself, before his daughter arrives and asks for a new dress. Although Larry tries to disagree, the daughter keeps on pushing her will through, until Larry finally submits into buying his daughter a new dress.

Nothing can be ever done about Larry's poor relationship with his daughter, so he is there just for humor.

In D-ModsEdit

Larry has yet to make it into any D-Mods, not even as a minor character.


  • Larry's house's location is never told in the Original Game, although some may argue that the locked house in KernSin belongs to him.
  • Larry owns the furniture store called Robinson Cabinets.
  • The furniture store's name "Robinson Cabinets" is most likely a reference to the creators of Dink Smallwood, Robinson Technologies.
  • Although never directly told, Larry's last name is most likely "Robinson" as his furniture store's name is "Robinson Cabinets".
  • Larry is a minor NPC and is not needed to complete any quest in the Original Game. He is there for pure humor.