The path to Koka Isle.

Koka Isle, commonly referred to as "Secret Duck Isle" or "Duck Island," is the island South of Windemere. This island can only be reached by crossing a hidden path through the water (see right), and is the only area in the game where the player can buy the costle FlameBow. The island is inhabited primarily by giant ducks, who have learned to speak English.

Points of InterestEdit

Koka Isle is an area that players will visit if only for the potential gold, stat potions, and the ability to buy the FlameBow.


Two inhabitants of Koka Isle.

  • The FlameBow can be purchased from the only human on the isle for 25,000 gold.
  • Following the North East path on the isle will lead the player to a large pile of gold, a golden heart, two magic potions, a strength potion, and a defense potion.
  • The main form of entertainment on Koka Isle is betting on fights between two of the ducks. The player accepts a duck's offer to play, and is then brought to a fenced in area where two ducks hurl fireballs at each other. The player can bet on these fights (50, 100, or 200 gold), and if the duck chosen wins, the player wins the amount of money he bet.