NOTE: Kernsin is originally and officially spelled KernSin!


KernSin full view

Town HistoryEdit

Has a very famous annual parade.

During the Goblin Wars, both the city of KernSin and it's castle were destroyed, and were later rebuilt into the smaller town of KernSin.

Dink Smallwood Main GameEdit

---Spoiler Warning---

KernSin is doing the final adjustments before it's very known annual parade. Dink is on the road to KernSin when two Cast knights show up. Dink hides quickly behind a tree (very well indeed...) and hears that the Cast is going to raid KernSin during the 'festival'.

The town mayor claims he can't do anything without proof, and Dink starts to search for evidence of the plot.

Dink finds the connection between the Cast and the goblins in the plan and forces Mog to reveal the location of the Cast's secret hideout. Once there, Dink steals the attack plans from the Cast and shows them to KernSin's mayor, who calls the Royal Guards to protect the civilians during the parade.

KernSin's InhabitantsEdit

KernSin has 9 inhabitants (including the usual nurse and the bow lore man, who lives far west KernSin), most of them are insignificant to the story but talking can be fun (try the freak duck guy).

  • KernSin's Mayor
  • Christina (Mayor's Daughter)
  • Duck Guy
  • KernSin's Librarian
  • KernSin's Nurse
  • Arturous (bow shop clerk)
  • Larry (Robinson Cabinets owner)
  • Larry's daughter
  • Bow Lore Man
  • The crazy man who won't let you in.
  • The fourth house's door is locked and cannot be opened, it's owner is not known.


KernSin is located Southwest from the town of Terris.

Heading south from KernSin is the Goblin Sanctuary.

D-Mods AppearanceEdit


  • During the parade you can kill the people and you can just get gold, nothing else happens in the story thats new.-Dack...