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Jack Kneedlewood is the husband of Maria Kneedlewood, Dink's aunt. Their life together doesn't seem all too happy, as he physically abuses her.

Original Dink SmallwoodEdit

Jack is first seen when Dink enters the residence of Jack and Maria Kneedlewood in Terris, and tries to drive Dink out before Maria appears to inform Jack she invited Dink to live with them. Jack seems none too happy, but grudgingly let's Dink stay.

Later, Jack can be seen beating the crap out of Maria. Dink can confront him about this, either telling him to stop, or encouraging him to beat Dink's aunt even more. Jack also has a few other dialoque options, but choosing "Say something rude to Jack" will cause him to attack Dink, forcing the player to either kill him or flee from the screen (he will have calmed down when you come back). Just hitting Jack without talking to him produces the same result.

Jack can be very tough to beat when you first encounter him, with 10 Touch Damage, 2 Speed, 0 Timing and 50 Hitpoints. Although he has no attack, he's quite fast and the fight takes place in a cramped area so Dink can't run around the screen to avoid him. On the other hand, it's also possible to get Jack stuck behind a wall, allowing Dink to hit him through the wall without having to worry about getting touched.