NOTE: This entry contains spoilers.


Dink encounters a couple of Goblin Soldiers in the Goblin Sanctuary

The Goblin is an enemy that is featured in the original Dink Smallwood game.

They are mainly confined to the Goblin Sanctuary, which is located South of Kernsin. They were involved in a massive war many years previous to when the story is set, when they were defeated by King Daniel's army and are now banished in the Sanctuary. In the story, the leader of the goblins, Mog, sets up a plot with some members of The Cast to invade and slaughter the inhabitants of Kernsin during their annual parade, causing massive bloodshed, then putting the blame on King Daniel's army.

Dink foils the plot by buying a massive bow, gaining entry via the doorman and killing all the goblins inside until Mog appears. When Dink defeats Mog , he tells of the whereabouts of the plans to invade the Kernsin parade.