Warning: This text contains spoilers about Dink Smallwood and/or some D-Mods.



The ducks in Dink Smallwood have a most unique purpose, they are there to be killed by Dink. Once Dink hits a duck it loses its head and starts running around with blood coming from its throat.

In the main gameEdit

  • Dink once helps a town that's out of food by killing all the ducks and serving them to the people.
  • A small pack of ducks try to kill Dink on one screen in the Darklands.

  • There is a quest where Dink has to find Ethel's pet duck, Quackers, who has gone missing. The Player can either kill Quackers during, or after the quest, or can get the duck safely back home, resulting in different dialogs during some cutscenes later in the game.

  • In the screen with the stairs leading to the Ice Land, you can go through a small hole in the trees. If you follow the path one screen right, you arrive into a room with black background and with duck heads positioned into letters that form the sentence "SETH RULES".

In D-ModsEdit

In Mystery Island you can turn into a duck.

In Back from the Grave Dink finds a duck that turns into a copy of himself.