A photo of Dink Smallwood as found on the game box.

Dink Smallwood (commonly referred to simply by his first name 'Dink') is the main character in the original Dink Smallwood game, controlled by the player all the way through. This is also the case with most D-Mods, but there is variation in some, as the playable character may change for a short period of time, or not be Dink at all throughout a game.

Before Dink wins the original game and defeats Seth -- the final boss -- he is a pig farmer for his Mother, after his father's death, and this is commonly referred back to throughout the game and D-Mods, usually towards Dink detrimentally, especially by the well-known Milder Flatstomp, whom Dink severely dislikes for the majority of the game.

There are 499 Bitmaps of Dink Smallwood in the Official Graphics file, though not all of them are used in the original campaign.


Throughout Dink Smallwood and D-Mods, Dink is commonly portrayed as a rude individual, frequently displaying innuendo towards women and making funny remarks throughout the game.


"Come on here pigs. Here, piggie piggies"

-Dink Smallwood to pigs

"I'm bored"

-Dink Smallwood