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DinkC is the scripting language that is used for scripts attached to sprites. It is typically saved in files ending with ".c" or ".d" if the script is compiled. In each file there are commands. The following is a brief explanation of what DinkC is, quoted from the DinkC Reference:

"DinkC is a scripting language created specifically for Dink Smallwood. The language powers almost everything game-related, such as conversations, cutscenes, enemies, and more.

Hey, look, some bullet points.

· The format superficially resembles C/C++.

· Supports procedural structure.

· Up to 249 concurrent variables at one time.

· Both local and global dynamic variable creation with custom names. All globals you create are saved with the player data file automatically.

· Ability to attach a DinkC script to an object, person, monster, or screen.

· Up to 200 DinkC scripts can be running at the same time.

· If an object has a script attached to it, and that object is hit, talked to, killed, etc., it will automatically look in its script for predefined procedures like hit(), die(), attack() or talk().

· Run with the -DEBUG command-line option, Dink.exe will report all errors/debug strings in DEBUG.TXT."

C++ Graphics Codes

Numerous tutorials are available to teach DinkC to people who wish to make D-Mods.