Windinkedit, an editor used to make D-mods

NOTE: There are many ways people spell "D-Mod". The shortening of Dink Module used on this wiki is D-Mod, not DMOD, dmod, nor DMod.

A D-Mod is an addon to the original Dink Smallwood game, a whole new fan-made adventure. The term "D-Mod" stands for Dink Module. The first D-Mod ever created was "The Search for Milli Vanilli" by Seth Robinson. The first D-Mod to ever be created by a Dinker was "The Scar of David" by Mike Snyder. It was released on the 22/3/1998[1], with its oldest file being a WAV dated back to the 5/8/1994.

D-Mod CategoriesEdit

Romp - A short adventure that usually lasts less than an hour.

Quest - A medium-sized adventure that can last a few hours.

Epic - A large adventure that is about the size of the original game, or larger.

Weird - These are D-Mods that don't use the normal RPG format, such as mouse-based games or arcade style, but still using the Dink Engine. They are usually classed as romps.

Top-rated D-ModsEdit

#1 Pilgrim's Quest (Score: 9.7)

#2 Lyna's Story (Score: 9.5)

#3 Cloud Castle 2 (Score: 9.5)

Source: The Dink Network