The BoncaEdit

A Bonca is a bipedal monster with a long tail it uses to attack other monsters or people.


By the Dink Smallwood Original Game, the Bonca comes in three colors: brown, purple and grey.


Brown Bonca.

Brown Bonca are the most popular type of Bonca; brown Bonca are weaker and slower than the other variants, and are a good source of XP for low level characters.

Purple Bonca

Purple Bonca

Purple Bonca are a bit stronger and faster than the brown variant, and may cause you trouble in groups. Although this monster has an attack animation, no set_frame_special lines are set in the dink.ini file, meaning the purple Bonca can't actually hit anything with it's attack. Therefore, it should be treated like any other touch damage monster, such as pillbugs and slimes.

Purple Bonca seem to be uncommon creatures in the Original Dink game's world, as they can only be found in the Condemned Mine south of the town of Terris.

Grey Bonca are stronger, faster and very hostile, attacking every creature it encounters. Due to the speed of the grey Bonca, ranged attacks are recommended.

Grey Bonca may be useful on some screens, as their hostility towards other monsters means they will take out other threats, giving the player an easier fight.

Other color Bonca can be seen in different D-Mods.